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Jon Meiding
Born in United States
45 years
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The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death.Unknown

This memorial website was created to remember our dear friendJon Meiding who was born in United States on February 16, 1970 and passed away on July 25, 2015. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

Jon was a gentle Giant..a true gentleman and all around nice guy..but he was more!
A true Christian man who was there for some of the least of these..he put his faith in action, and love the Word of God very much..studied it all the time, and knew much of it by heart and mind.

Jon was the kind of guy who cared when others did not..he impacted so many..
be it in Education (Jon had a BS from Purdue Univ., and other degrees from Bible college and more). Jon also helped many with servere mental illness.

Jon himself had mental illness, but mental illness did not have him..All though he passed on at 45 years of age..he lived a very exciting life. He worked almost all the time, even though he qualified for Disabilty..he overcame and was self supporting.

He was to be married in the Fall, before he past in the summer of 2015. He loved and admired his love Merdieth G. They actually were both from WI, and end up meeting in Troy, Ohio! She still misses him much, and longs one day to be reunited.

Jon is missed by many including long time great friend John C., John D, his brother Jason M and Wife and nephews. His parents James M and Joanne M who contiune to mourn as well as celebrate his life.

--stay tuned for more about Jon M. to be continued!

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